Every day I’m nifflin’

In ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them®’ (Man, we really need to get the licensing for that) we get to see the niffler 4 or 5 times and i can pretty much guarantee that everybody loved it…. I mean come ON, the niffler BEHIND THE PAINTING – OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! But we were all thinking about it when we left the cinema and to stop you from forgetting about the niffler I’ve come up with this to make sure that everyday your nifflin’…….. See what i did there?

1. Make A Niffler your background of your phone or tablet.

This way, everytime you unlock your phone or tablet you will see a pic of a niffler and you will HAVE to stare at it and i don’t think you’ll be turning your phone on to check your Twitter anymore….

2. Buy Niffler merch

This may sound like advertising or sponsored material but it’s not (we are not sponsored just to clear that up) and we are not trying to get you to buy our stuff but having the merch will make sure that you have Nifflers with you all day (haha my autocorrect know understands the word Niffler and even puts a capital N on it) but having the t-shirt or the POP® head (for your desk or something like that) can make you feel like you are with a niffler all the time. You can buy some niffler merch here.

3. Save or download pics of Nifflers

There are some great Niffler pics online and you can just lose yourself in them (that’s what I do).

So, that’s what you can do to make sure that everyday your nifflin’. Go nuts.