Breakdown of Fantastic Beasts 2 Comic-Con Trailer

So, we did a breakdown of the last FB2 trailer, and now that there is a new one with a niffler load of new content, so without further a do………………………………………….. LET’S GET TO IT.

So, the trailer starts off with the shot of Dumbledore (Jude Law) that we saw from previous trailers that slowly transitions into the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom where the students are attending a boggart lesson. In the front we can see a young Newt, brilliantly played by Joshua Shea facing the boggart of his fear of working in an office.

So, nothing really exciting here. But, there is something interesting here. When everyone is laughing at Newt for his fear of working in an office, there is one person who is not laughing, someone who I think may be Leta Lestrange. They do look very similar after all. Also, a casting call for somebody to play young Leta was made way back in Jan 2017, but nobody has been announced for the role. Still just a theory though.

Newt then says RIDCULOUS! and we cut to the opening logos.

We next get a shot we’ve seen before of Tina Goldsteen in front of the French Ministry of Magic (We think).

We next see the woman who we know has a very strong relationship with Credence walking to the Circus we saw in the previous trailer accompanied with a voice over of 

talking about magic and how witches and wizards are forced to hide in the shadows, showing the same circus we have seen before and also a more interesting shot of Credence.

Credence appears as he says ‘but still we must skulk in the shadows’ Which is an obvious nod to Credence hiding the fact that he is truly a wizard, this line also ties nicely into the fact that Credence is wearing clothes that make him seem slightly incognito and hidden, and he wants to stay that way.

We then see two men get off of a parked London routemaster bus, one of them apparating away. Nothing really interesting here.

Next, we see a street being darkened by the deluminator taking away the lights from the lamp posts, which I think ties in to when Dumbledore meets Newt on the bridge later in the trailer.

And then we cut to a more interesting shot of Grindelwald being taken into a secure prison somewhere in MACUSA in a restraint pose caused by probably Petrificus Totalus.

We next get the same two shots od the Paris postcard and Grindelwald standing in the middle of a room.

We then cut to the next shot which confirms our theory. This is NOT Grindelwalds’ trial. He is in fact talking to a group of his followers in a huge circular hall, finishing the sentence from the voice over about having to hide in the shadows saying ‘let the old ways serve us no longer’. Inspiring his followers.

Also notice how some of these people are in suits/ well dressed, possibly indicating that he has followers inside of MACUSA/MACF (Magical Congress of France – I dunno).

Next we see Credences’ significant other looking out at the Eiffel Tower from the roof we have seen before where Credence expels his Obscurous from him.

We then see Queenie Goldsteen (Played by Alison Sudol who is reprising her roll as Queenie) on a street corner, looking quite worried. This is maybe because of the giant black cloak that is not a Dementor making it’s way down the street, covering everything in black.

Tina and Newt are also on the same street looking up in bewilderment as the black cloaked thing swoops over them while Newt tries to protect himself by putting his hand over his face as Tina just looks up at it.

Next we see Grindelwald looking at a projection of a face that looks a bit like Credence whilst Dumbledore’s voice-over mentions mentions a rumour that has had a vision. We also then see him putting his hand out, possibly summoning something. We have seen this kind of magic before with Voldermort where no wand is required for summoning or other things.As Grindelwald is known as Voldermort’s predecessor as it were it would not be unusual for him to have these powers. In the voice-over, Dumbledore goes onto say that the rumour was of Grindelwalds rise to fame.

The rest is old footage so we’re at the end. Enjoy your week. Sorry for the late upload. New one coming in roughly 20 minutes or so. See you then….


Breakdown of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald official teaser trailer



The first shot we see is a panoramic view of Hogwarts accompanied by what appears to be music reminiscent of Hedwigs Theme before several wizards and witches apparate into Hogwarts. You might be thinking: “But you can’t apparate in Hogwarts” and you would be right. This may be because Dumbledore is not headmaster and Armando Tippet is instead and he may have different rules for his own personal reasons or it could be the fact that there are no real threats in the wizarding world at this point in time considering the fact that Grindelwald has been arrested and Voldermort isn’t really Voldermort yet.

After this we see that among those aurors entering the castle is Theseus Scamander (Newt’s Brother and Leta Lestranges’ current love interest)  and also Leta Lestrange herself played by the one and only Zöe Kravitz.


Going back on the fact that these guys are aurors, we can tell that something is up. They say to a professor (who we know is Dumbledore played fantastically by Jude Law pardon the pun) that they would like to speak to them. The next thing they say is “There’s a rumor that Newt Scamander is headed to Paris”. Now this is going to be interesting. This seems to say that the MoM (Ministry of Magic) is hot on Newt’s tail (again, pardon the pun) about something, and whatever it is, its pretty serious and the MoM want it dealt with. Probably the fact that he is illegally carrying out magical creatures across the world in a suitcase and accidentally (also illegally) let them loose in New York City. I know MACUSA absolved him of those crimes but he still has the creatures back in the UK at the moment. At the same time as this is being said, we can see Newt reconstructing a postcard of Paris, the reason he is going to Paris in particular could be revealed in the writing on the back of the postcard that we can see. 

We then see a shot of somebody taking out the lights in a street with a magical device; I wonder who that could be hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… let me think. Of course it’s Dumbledore, maybe going to meet Newt to talk to him in secret about going to Paris maybe???… This may be in secret as it could take place after Dumbledore’s ‘interrogation’ by the aurors in Hogwarts or it could just be the fact that they shouldn’t be seen talking to each other considering Newt got expelled

Next there is a small shot in London which leads up to Newt meeting Dumbledore in top of what appears to be St. Pauls Cathedral to chat sbout something, again, probably something to do with Paris.

We next see a shot of what appears to be Grindlewalds’ trial considering the way he is standing look like he is restrained by some sot of spell. But you can also say that this might not be his trial, it could be a gathering of all his followers as the woman to the right of him is defo not Picquery.

If you look at the trial of Igor Karkaroff in the Goblet of Fire, you can see that he is kept in a restraint cage, I assume that Grindelwald would be held in the same sort of thing for his trial but in this picture, it appears as though he does not have a physical restraint wound him.

It the gets to the climax of the trailer where we have Tina come up, Jacob come up, this weird bird thing come up…

and it seems as if though Jacob has been ‘unobliviated’ in a way, as he seems quite excited at the idea of going on a bit of an adventure with Newt or Newt just ‘bumped into’ him again and introduced him to the wonders of his suitcase all over again.

Then we cut to Credence on a rooftop with someone and he is expelling his obsurus from him to carry on with his life, the person standing next to him looks like a witch and could be the new love interest for Credence as she would arguably be in that case the only family that he has and he just wants a proper family.

The cut is then to the French magical association in Paris (which has a fantastic design) where we can see Queenie pop up. She is possibly there trying to find Jacob through Newt as she probably knows that Newt is in Paris with Jacob through Tina who also appears to possibly be in Paris earlier in the trailer. I would also like to point out that one of the magical animals listed on the spinning dome in the French magic ministry place is ‘Le niffleur’ which translated using my excellent French reading and writing and speaking skills means ‘The Hippogriff’ jk, it means ‘The Niffler’ which I just had to point out. #nifflers4life

We then see Leta Lestrange briefly at some random ball for a weird reason. Just thought i’d point her out.

Then we move to a slightly more interesting shot on what appears to be the white cliffs of Dover where there are three characters meeting and talking. Because it is onthe white cliffs, I assume they are wanting to talk about something rather secretive and they don’t want anybody else to hear about what they are talking about. It may be Newt and Dumbledore meeting up with somebody who provides a journey across the channel without being seen,or Newt already has the animal shown in the trailer and this mysterious guy can provide Newt with gillyweed or something like that.

We then see a man staring at a wall of what appears to be a family tree. The theory is that the full white faces are pure-bloods the half white half black faces are half-bloods and the dark faces are mudbloods/muggles. Credence is on the family tree if you look close enough. 

We then get a circus scene after this. The translated name of the circus is ‘The museum of living curiosities’ (le musée des curiosités vivantes) which makes sense given what is around the museum in what we can see from the wide shot we have. There is a quick scene of a wizard, you can learn more about him in out characters post but his name is Yusuf Kama and he is a wizard that is either French or lives in France and is tracing Newt Scamander under the orders of the MoM. There is also another quick scene where we see Newt chasing Picket through the circus and catching him. What can you do with a Bowtruckle, eh?

Next we see Credence get a bit angry and break an animal out of it’s cage with a wand or a stick or something.The next shot is a building that has exploded. Let me tell you something. NOT. THE. SAME. SCENE. You can see that the person is different,if the person isn’t and it is indeed Credence, he moved very far, very fast. I believe that this person is Grindelwald. Look at the way the person is stnading compared to the way Grindelwald is standing in his ‘trial’. We can also assume that Credence is actually in the museum at this point; if you look at the background of the room he is in, it is caged and has cloth around it, like the design of the museum that we have already seen. He may be in a caged environment also because he is an obscurus and he may be one of the displays/exhibits at the museum .

Next, a carriage pulled by Thestrals comes out of a tall tower. This is most likely the carriage which is taking Grindelwald to prison or trial or something like that. It passes us by and we see what is in my opinion the best shot in the trailer, the shot of Grindelwald in this carriage with the lightning behind him and his one white eye that is the same colour as his hair staring at two aurors who have their wands pointed at him. I assume he gets out of this and goes to a gathering of his followers for the first time in forever which is what we saw earlier in the trailer.

Then, finally straight after this we see a close up of Newt and Theseus fighting beside each other and casting a super powerful spell into the ground below that looks a bit like a shield against any spell that is cast. This is possibly the final showdown as it is shown just after Dumbledore says ‘I cannot fight Grindelwald, you must do it alone’ or, knowing the way trailers are made these days, this may take place halfway through the film.

Who knows?

The last little detail before the title is that the clouds and lightning and smoke form together to make a very familiar symbol just after the end of the trailer…

Of course we know that Grindelwald wants all the Deathly Hallows and will stop at nothing to get them, he already has the elder wand. What next?

P.S if you look closely at the title, it has all of the deathly hallows in it…


Tell me if you find all of them 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Until next time,

Stay Nifflery…

Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer

Oh snap.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the Crimes of Grindelwald, first off; are you living under a rock and second; get the heck off the website. Jk. But… me being my kind self linked it below for the benefit of those of you who are (living under a rock that is):

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m mega hyped about this, I mean come on. Who wouldn’t be. So, in the true Niffler fan club style I’m going to tell you everything which happens and make some predictions on what is going to happen.

The first shot we see is a panoramic view of Hogwarts accompanied by what appears to be music reminiscent of Hedwigs Theme before several wizards and witches apparate into Hogwarts. You might be thinking: “But you can’t apparate in Hogwarts” and you would be right. I’m going to assume that security measures are not in place due to the fact that Grindelwald is currently under arrest or the lack of need for defenses or even the lack of ability to make defenses.  The next thing we notice is Dumbledore (Jude law) in what appears to be a classroom, probably transfiguration due to the fact that that was his profession prior to being Headmaster. When he is told that he is going to be asked a question he says “this is a surprise” suggesting previous questioning or interrogation.

“There’s a rumor that Newt Scamander is headed to Paris”. Now this is going to be interesting. The next scene is street light flicking off with what appears to be the deluminator, an object owned by Dumbledore suggesting that he himself is with Newt in Paris or that he inherited the deluminator from someone else who is. Then a shot of Paris from above leads onto the line “I know he is working under your orders” explaining the postcard and the potential appearance of Dumbledore in Paris. Then, in classic Dumbledore fasion, he says “If you’ve ever had the pleasure to teach him, you’d know Newt is not a great follower of orders” Man, he might be 50 years younger (ish) but he has always had a sense of humor. Then we cut to what appears to be Grindelwalds trial and then to Tina… I mean we all knew that was coming but Jacob is back! WOW. Excitement is off the meter.

FBaWTFT2 news

Ok, so first thing first; we really need to get a better abbreviation for the new FB film than FBaWTFT2 (Like, really, REALLY, REALLY need one) because that just looks straight up dumb. Try saying it I’ll put it in phonetically for you: *clears throat* Fuh-Buh-Ah-Wuh-Tuh-Fuh-Tuh-To. Yeah. That. Please think of something and comment that would be muchos appreciated. Thanks.

The reason I made this post was not to rant about how hard it is to pronounce whatever that……..THING is- however entertaining that might be; I did it because there had been some new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 ® news. And the reason I didn’t just update the FBAWTFT2 post like you want me to and yes, I know that you’re thinking that this post is a waste of time but here’s why I did it here:- we have the name of two new actors who will be in the film. Not characters. ACTORS.

Now you can see why I posted it here – and if you still haven’t caught on to why – 1) PAY ATTENTION. 2) Learn to extrapolate from incomplete data (yes, exactly like the joke). 3) It’s cos it’s a very small piece of info so it really isn’t update worthy.

The 2 new actors that have been announced are Jessica Williams and Fiona Glascott and there is actually one more but we know who HE is going to play so that will be over on the page subject to updates ???.

So we know that these are going to be two female characters (AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON’T JUST ASSUME BECAUSE WE ARE MAKING THE POINT THAT THEY ARE BOTH FEMALE AND CAPITALISED THE WORD ‘He’ MEANS WE ARE AGAINST WOMEN IN THIS FILM IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER – Just to get that cleared up. Now that’s over – back to the post..) So I’m guessing we might just have to wait and see; I’ll keep you guys posted (quite literally) as it goes along. Until then, PEACE!

P.S- Clue to male characters’ role- in a certain film a certain someone reads a certain book about a certain person who died on their 666th birthday…. ?

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Ok, so as you most likely already know, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2 HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! (So, obviously JK Rowling definitely wants loads more money *cough* expected *cough*) Also, they’ve actually given it an original name (which was totally unexpected) which you can see in the info section and obviously in the pic above. This also means it’s definitely going to happen which we of course, are happy about. We also this week got a cast photo from the new movie which is cool.

But there is one little thing we think about the upcoming film……- If the Niffler isn’t in it -WE ARE NOT WATCHING THAT THING-FULL-STOP.* But here is everything we already know about the movie.

Btw; here area few quick links if you want to skip to certain parts…


This movie will be the second movie in this pentology and will take place in 1920s Paris. It has now been confirmed on Pottermore® that in this movie Eddie Redymane’s Newt Scamander will be teaming up with the absolutely badass young Albus Dumbledore to track down and try to defeat Gellert Grindlewald in Paris. There will also be a bit that tales place in London for a small part of the film. But we do not know the full details of that yet. Seriously. That’s all we know about the London part of this movie;—-that there is going to be one. So interesting. Anyways….. on to the next part (I know this sequel already sounds flippin’ AMAZING and I am so flippin’ jazzed to see it. I would give flippin’ anything to watch it right now FLIPPIDY FLIP FLIP FLIP).


So-happy day-Eddie Redymane will be reprising his role as Newt Scamander in the upcoming movie. We are glad this is the case as he brought total justice to the character in the first film. We have also seen a few photos of him on set the past few days. Would you like to see them?????

You may have noticed he has his want in one of them….

We also know that Thesius Scamander (Newt’s Brother) will be present in this movie and will be played by Callum Turner. I have no flippin’ idea who he is by the way so don’t quote me on it when I say he’ll do well in this role 😉

We also know that Johnny Depp will be taking on the role of Gellert Grindelwald again. Should be fun. Nothing really new.

But now for the bit you are most likely shouting at you screen for (apart from Nifflers) of course Jude Law is going to play the part of young Albus Dumbledore in this sequel. Hopefully he brings justice to this treasured character.

And every other main character in the first movie will have the same actors reprising their previous roles.

Also…… Zoe Kravitz will be playing the role of Leta Lestrange in the fantastically named sequel for Fantastic Beasts ® (see what I did there? Ay? Ay? Ay?). I think that this is a wise choice and she will do very well in this role and will not disappoint.

And another thing; recently a character has been announced for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 ® and I bet you are itching to know who this character is. Well, I’m gonna be like one of those annoying YouTube® ads that never tells you what the thing they are talking about actually is because you have to click on a link or, if you like, one of those dodgy PPI links at the bottom of a website or the stuff like ‘never buy a lottery ticket till you read this’ and I’m gonna get the boring stuff out so here we go- This character will be played by none other than another actor that nobody has ever heard of called Brontis Jodorowsky (I legit had to copy and paste that in there). I hope he will do well in this movie as (drumroll please)………………….. Nicholas Flamel! ? Yes, Nick himself. The one who died on his 666th birthday. Hopefully Brontis will do well. We wish him luck in playing one of the most obscure characters in film history.

There will also be two new characters who we don’t know the name of YET played by Jessica Williams and Fiona Glascott in the movie.

We also have some (probably) more minor characters and a few (also possibly) major ones who are named as follows: Wolf Roth (as a character called Spielman) Victoria Yeates as Bunty, Derek Riddell as Torquil Travers, Poppy Corby-Tuech as Rosier and Cornell S John as Arnold Guzman. (Two of these name should stand out to you if your are a TRUE Harry Potter® fan;- see if you can find them)….

Release Date

16th November 2018


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald



Movie series number



Amount of Nifflers (So far….)

5 (3 Babies, The one from last time and One new Female (<- we think) Adult – The baby is named Merlin btw) (YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!)


We will carry on updating this post as more information is given to us about the upcoming film and it’s features. We hope you are looking forward to seeing this greedy for money, totally originally named sequel as much as we are. Stay Nifflery!!!!


*For all you techy guys (and gals) out there- when I say NFC I DO NOT mean Near Field Communications. I mean Niffler Fan Club. Obviously. (Imagine the word obviously there is said like how Snape says it in Order of the Phoenix.)?