The life of our website

You know the drill; every now and then we do a slightly more serious post considering you guys and the current life of the website. This time we are asking for suggestions. More specifically comments considering the appearance of the website. Please tell us what you want us to do to the website in order to make it better for you guys. That is what we are built on. The fan base are loyal to us and we are even more loyal to the fan base (well, we try to be. But that’s near impossible 😉 ). You may have noticed that we added social media buttons to the sidebar- more specifically Twitter and Facebook. That was because of you guys commenting and asking for it. So we did it. Like I said on Twitter- any suggestions would be welcomed with open arms. Until next time……

OOOOOHHHHH, and btdubs please try not to suggest anything that will (if we do it) get us sued by the money sucking co-operation that is Warner Bros.®. Thanks. Much appreciated. We don’t like getting sued.


FBaWTFT2 news

Ok, so first thing first; we really need to get a better abbreviation for the new FB film than FBaWTFT2 (Like, really, REALLY, REALLY need one) because that just looks straight up dumb. Try saying it I’ll put it in phonetically for you: *clears throat* Fuh-Buh-Ah-Wuh-Tuh-Fuh-Tuh-To. Yeah. That. Please think of something and comment that would be muchos appreciated. Thanks.

The reason I made this post was not to rant about how hard it is to pronounce whatever that……..THING is- however entertaining that might be; I did it because there had been some new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 ® news. And the reason I didn’t just update the FBAWTFT2 post like you want me to and yes, I know that you’re thinking that this post is a waste of time but here’s why I did it here:- we have the name of two new actors who will be in the film. Not characters. ACTORS.

Now you can see why I posted it here – and if you still haven’t caught on to why – 1) PAY ATTENTION. 2) Learn to extrapolate from incomplete data (yes, exactly like the joke). 3) It’s cos it’s a very small piece of info so it really isn’t update worthy.

The 2 new actors that have been announced are Jessica Williams and Fiona Glascott and there is actually one more but we know who HE is going to play so that will be over on the page subject to updates 😏😅😉.

So we know that these are going to be two female characters (AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON’T JUST ASSUME BECAUSE WE ARE MAKING THE POINT THAT THEY ARE BOTH FEMALE AND CAPITALISED THE WORD ‘He’ MEANS WE ARE AGAINST WOMEN IN THIS FILM IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER – Just to get that cleared up. Now that’s over – back to the post..) So I’m guessing we might just have to wait and see; I’ll keep you guys posted (quite literally) as it goes along. Until then, PEACE!

P.S- Clue to male characters’ role- in a certain film a certain someone reads a certain book about a certain person who died on their 666th birthday…. 🍰

Niffler spin-off series rumours (and no we are NOT joking)

As you all know we are a fan site about Nifflers and this morning I was scrolling through Twitter and I discovered something that would be very improper to not upload to the site. So here it is. LET’S GET TO IT

What I discovered on the Pottermore® Twitter page made my face light up with excitement. An article. On the Pottermore ® website titled ‘Why the Niffler should have his own spin-off series’ and I clicked on that beast of a link (which you can find right here) and I read it and read it and read it and read it and read it and the whole time I was thinking to myself ‘WHERE THE HECK IS THE FLIPPIN’ PETITION FOR THIS?’

I really enjoyed this article and I am very happy that the people who work with the extended universe of Harry Potter have finally realised the extreme response to the Niffler.

I don’t know if this might be a bit of a hint hint to something that might be in production but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

We’re modern now!!

Hey guys it’s now the truth that we have Social Media!!!!! So follow our Twitter account. Also, is ya feel like it follow our Facebook page have fun!!!! This also means that you 21st Century people have an excuse to go on Social media while looking at our website so you don’t have to speed read our pages anymore because you desperately want to check your Twitter/Facebook and yes all you fancy people with your Android 7.0 and iPhone 6+ and up split screens (as long as the iPhone is iPhone{x}+) must be rolling your eyes right now saying to yourselves “but I can already do that anyways! Why is he bothering with this post?” Well mister whoever you are i’ll tell you exactly why I am bothering with this post. It’s because not all of us have fancy-shmansey split-screen enabled phones! Sorry for ranting but I just knew a few people would be saying that. Ooh, by the way a little note- All links will open in a new tab.

What’s going on…..

Ok everybody, we AGAIN have not uploaded for like two months and I don’t really have an excuse for that. Yes I could say that we are on Summer Holiday but that’s just gonna wear out after a while.

We will try to still provide informative and fun articles that don’t make you want to fall asleep. Even if we have to just upload a random post now and then that makes no sense we will definitely be uploading more stuff when it gets closer to the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 ® (my goodness we Really REALLY HONESTLY MUST GET THE LICENSING FOR THAT. SERIOUSLY MY PHONE HAS THE ® SYMBOL ON PREDICTIVE. FLIPPIN’ ‘ECK) until then we will keep on updating the FB2 post. Anyways thanks for staying with us and thanks for taking our excuses and our crap 👊 👍 🙂 

So…..uuuuuummmmm……Uuuuuuuhhhh…..Yeah…..See you later…….

The Niffler plush……

Ok, so the Niffler plush toy has finally been released and it’s so amazing and fantastic how AWFUL, TERRIBLE, ATROCIOUS WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT EXCUSE FOR A STUFFED NIFFLER IT IS. IT IS AS UGLY AS A MERTLAP WHEN SHE HAS MEASLES. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Atrocious Niffler Plush

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? How could they? We have been waiting for this ever since the movie came out and they give us this. If you want me to attach a link to this article to buy it later on but I won’t right now. 

So just to go off topic quickly; sorry for not posting pretty much this entire month. We have been extremely busy and we have not been able to post much. Thanks for staying with us and not going anywhere else. We will post much more in June, July and August because we will have a Niffler load of free time 😉 😉 🙂 . 

Back on topic-we are not at all happy with the outcome of this plush. If I got this I would plush it down the toilet. See what I did there? Eh? Eh? Eh? XD. Ok, so like I said, we will put it on if you want to buy it but you know, not right now. For obvious reasons.

It looks like it was made by a 4 year old who has seen the Niffler once for about 5 seconds. We saw it and thought ‘we have to rant about this’ and we think that it deserves a rant. The Niffler has a certain glory to it. This glory has been abolished, destroyed, incinerated what ever you may call it. But we don’t like it. 

In the mean time-here is a picture of a proper Niffler in all of his glory.

Actual Niffler in all glory

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw! I just noticed how compressed that picture looks/becomes on some platforms. But I think you can guess what the picture is. It is adorable.


Thanks to you all we have reached the first page (from the 12th) of results on Google when you search Niffler Fan Club. That is all because of YOU. Each and every one of you. I think i speak for me and Ethan when i say Thank you. Carrying on coming back here for awesome comment and don’t forget to trend the hashtag #NifflerFanClub Thank you all. I know the whole reason for this post doesn’t sound like much but it shows that we have grown and that people like us. We will keep posting awesome content for you awesome people as we carry on. Stay Nifflery!!!

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2

Ok, so as you most likely already know, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2 HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! (So, obviously JK Rowling definitely wants loads more money *cough* expected *cough*) Also, they’ve actually given it an original name (which was totally unexpected) which you can see in the info section and obviously in the pic above. This also means it’s definitely going to happen which we of course, are happy about. We also this week got a cast photo from the new movie which is cool.

But there is one little thing we think about the upcoming film……- If the Niffler isn’t in it -WE ARE NOT WATCHING THAT THING-FULL-STOP.* But here is everything we already know about the movie.

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Just to clarify-we are not dead 🙂 we have a very cool and fun and informative post coming up soon about a very cool topic. We will try and post as often as possible but thanks for sticking with us. Stay Nifflery! P.S: in the mean time it would really help out is you spread the word about us on Facebook, Twitter etc. On Twitter you can use the hashtags – #NifflerFanClub or #nifflersforlife or #nifflerfanclub -Thank Yooooooooooou!

The plan……

We are going to try and upload something as often as possible to the website to satisfy your niffler cravings. We may be able to write something each day but I wouldn’t count on it (I mean we’ve got to have something new and original each day- that would take forever!). But anyway, thanks for coming over here for your niffler needs, we will try and post again soon. But until that time- Bye!