Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer

Oh snap.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the Crimes of Grindelwald, first off; are you living under a rock and second; get the heck off the website. Jk. But… me being my kind self linked it below for the benefit of those of you who are (living under a rock that is):

Now, I don’t know about you but I’m mega hyped about this, I mean come on. Who wouldn’t be. So, in the true Niffler fan club style I’m going to tell you everything which happens and make some predictions on what is going to happen.

The first shot we see is a panoramic view of Hogwarts accompanied by what appears to be music reminiscent of Hedwigs Theme before several wizards and witches apparate into Hogwarts. You might be thinking: “But you can’t apparate in Hogwarts” and you would be right. I’m going to assume that security measures are not in place due to the fact that Grindelwald is currently under arrest or the lack of need for defenses or even the lack of ability to make defenses.  The next thing we notice is Dumbledore (Jude law) in what appears to be a classroom, probably transfiguration due to the fact that that was his profession prior to being Headmaster. When he is told that he is going to be asked a question he says “this is a surprise” suggesting previous questioning or interrogation.

“There’s a rumor that Newt Scamander is headed to Paris”. Now this is going to be interesting. The next scene is street light flicking off with what appears to be the deluminator, an object owned by Dumbledore suggesting that he himself is with Newt in Paris or that he inherited the deluminator from someone else who is. Then a shot of Paris from above leads onto the line “I know he is working under your orders” explaining the postcard and the potential appearance of Dumbledore in Paris. Then, in classic Dumbledore fasion, he says “If you’ve ever had the pleasure to teach him, you’d know Newt is not a great follower of orders” Man, he might be 50 years younger (ish) but he has always had a sense of humor. Then we cut to what appears to be Grindelwalds trial and then to Tina… I mean we all knew that was coming but Jacob is back! WOW. Excitement is off the meter.

The Crimes Of Grindelwald : Characters

Its that time again where we upload a new post, and boy have I got big news today!

I was trawling through the interwebs to try and find information on the latest installment of the fantastic beasts series and, while we do have a year to wait for the movie to be released, IMDb has not let us down, yet again.

With that, I present: 



It probably comes as no big surprise that Eddie Redmayne is playing Newt Scamander, as he has done and will be doing for the entire series… Hopefully. He is a really good choice of character for Newt and I’m sure he will go down in Harry Potter fandom for his role in this movie. But reader… remember his success is solely due to his reaction to the Niffler.


In this movie, its little surprise that we see the return of the infamous sisters, Tina and Queenie Goldstein played by Katherine Waterston and Alison Sudol respectively, the same as last time. I’m sure we will all find it interesting to see how their role changes in this new installment.


It seems like decades ago when we first heard those words “Theseus Scamander, The war hero?” being uttered and I’m sure that you, like me, have been waiting for the grand reveal of this character and a spin off (SAVING PRIVATE NEWT)… Yep. Well. Here he is, Callum Turner in all of his glory



Very interestingly, Credence, the flash or Ezra Miller (The Obscurial) returns in this movie. Although his role is largely unknown, I’m sure that you’re as interested as me in his role in this movie. Is he simply there for a flashback or could we see a dramatic return? All will be answered on the 18/11/17. I can’t wait that long!



And what would the “The crimes of grindelwald” be without grindelwald, portrayed by the man the myth the legend… Johnny Depp (He’s just a man… not a myth or legend… sorry for confusion). Yeah well he’s back and I can’t wait to see how he shows his character, I mean he had less than 1 minute screen time and, I think I speak for all NifflerNerds when I say… WOW. I HATE HIM SO MUCH… Good performance , seriously though.


Honorable mentions

Well I don’t have the time or effort or server storage… (Donate somehow plz <- jokes) … As I was saying, I’m gonna show a few more characters and make a brief prediction of the plot. Oh and sorry for the lack of Nifflers in this post so:

There you go. Now…

FRENCH MINISTER OF MAGIC – Sean White (I don’t know him either… Can’t wait to see his performance)

Nicolas Flamel – Brontis Jodorowsky (OH BOI – THINGS ARE HEATING UP HERE…)

Abernathy – Yep. That guy that was only used once to show Queenies “innocence”

Madame Picquery – Her royal magicness, ruler of straight lines (Carmen Ejogo)

Jacob Kowalski – No surprises here (#anamericaninparis?) Dan Fogler

Chef – Jason Redshaw

Sailor- Ryan Hannaford


Muggle – Bernardo Santos



Whats going to happen? Nobody knows but i reckon i have a pretty good guess. My concept is that, as I write, we are only one year into production. Therefore, the lists only represent the cast from the early movie. The reason I mentioned the Chef and Sailor is because in the first movie, little to no attention was placed on the boat, mainly at passport control. I believe that this will change as, after all, what could possibly be a better place to ambush Newt than in the middle of the Atlantic ocean? Why else would there be a sailor in the credits. Why else would be see Tina again than if she were to save Newt on the ship as an aurora. Well. It’s just a guess. Obviously as more material is released there will be updates to the PREDICTION.

But that’s all from me. 

All the best.




Sorry, sorry a million times sorry

Ok. Let’s get something cleared up. We have not been uploading much and we told you we would try more. But honestly, we are under quite a bit of pressure at the moment and we can’t make many posts so we are sorry for everything going on. So, in awe of all of this…… get ready for a post in around 20 mins. Just wait up….. tanks (mis-spell intended).



Hey guys,
This is sounding a bit repetitive now but we are really sorry about the amount of time between uploads. Hopefully it will get better and yes, Harry potter studio tour review PT.2 is coming soon(er or later).

However I think this would be a good time at ACTUALLY do: HARRY POTTER vs FANTASTIC BEASTS

The script makes up most of the movies, nearly everything that happens relies on a story. And I means there is the ever so tiny issue of the Harry Potter™ Series having 7 full stories, most of them with A LOT of pages and a very thick spine and Fantastic Beasts™ being based off of a MADE UP TEXTBOOK PUBLISHED FOR CHARITY WHERE THE SPINE IS LIKE A PINKY FINGER WIDE. Yeah. However as I’m sure you will agree, the Harry potter™ film series has a much better story-line, just remember that the Fantastic Beasts story-line is still like a little baby Niffler (assuming a little bit here…) when it still can’t rob banks and sniff gold out from a mile away, but it WILL grow and become a Niffler that can rob Swiss banks and sniff gold out from several miles away… Eh…

Harry Potter  1   |   Fantastic Beasts  0

Visual Effects
This is a tough category. We see how Harry Potter™ grows in effects over 10 years of producing. Its also worth a mention that we can all agree that some scenes with Dobby in the second film are half decent (Considering it was filmed in 2002). However Fantastic Beasts™ is pure movie magic. In that movie, it’s hard to tell real from fake. I mean just look at this: (HP philosopher stone wand scene) compared to this (FB scene). However Harry Potter™ has very little use for VFX, generally using massive budgets to make it in real life (anamatronics). So … 

Harry Potter  1   |   Fantastic Beasts  1

Giant Snakes

The fact that this is a category surprises many people… Let’s see, Basilisk vs Occamy. Um… The Occamy from Fantastic Beasts™ can fly and it’s cyshfhdjdn (insert) with, as Newt explains, means that it shrinks and/or grows to fill the available space, and it can fly. IT FLIPPIN’ FLIES. Their eggshells are made of silver and they learn to defend themselves early because poachers raid Occamy nests. It feeds on insects (as far as we know) and has a sharp beak even though it’s pretty much a snake. The small baby Occamy’s are cute, but not as cute as a Niffler… Obviously. The basilisk is DEFINITELY a snake. It has deadly poison teeth and on point hearing and it feeds on rats and mice and anything else in the chamber of secrets // the sewers (clearly Salazar Slytherin needs a better estate agent). It is killed by roosters cries and somehow can fit through pipes in a matter of seconds. Oh yeah, look at it’s eyes and you’ll die, unless it’s a reflection then you’ll be petrified for like an ENTIRE YEAR. Sheesh, you’d think st.Mungos or at least the potions supply cupboard would have some mandrakes lying around. So… I guess it’s a win for Fantastic Beasts? 

Harry Potter  1   |   Fantastic Beasts  2


Harry Potter  1   |   Fantastic Beasts  3


Well this is another tough one as, I guess, in Fantastic Beasts™ there is Grindelwald and in Harry Potter™ there is like 4 reincarnations of Voldemort but we haven’t really seen enough of Fantastic Beasts™ to to judge this fairly. It’s a close call, I mean Newt literally says, “I’m not one of Grindelwald’s fanatics” and gets the death sentence. But then again I doubt that there is one death eater that hasn’t been tortured by Voldemort, who seems to show delight in torturing and/or killing people which is grim. I guess 

Harry Potter  2   |   Fantastic Beasts  3


Well as you can see it’s pretty tight with 1 point difference. But it’s very hard to pick a winner. It’s safe to say (refering to the Niffler concept in paragraph 3) that Fantastic Beasts™ is simply not as developed as Harry Potter™ but with such a fantastic (eh.. eh..) first film from Fantastic Beasts™ (ITS ON MY TYPING SUGGESTIONS NOW *adjusts tie and clears throat* ) I think that whilst Harry potter™ just has the edge as a series, going of just the one film of Fantastic Beasts™ I think it’s safe to stay with the old conclusion and it’s a win for Fantastic Beasts™ and as a forefeit Harry Potter loses the ™ sign (don’t you “I’m gonna call the lawyers” on me… seriously though.. don’t*.) … So, what did you think? We’d love to know in the discussion section below and as new films are being made and released, will the opinion change?

By the way we’ve actually taken the ® symbol away now. It’s so oversized. So now we are just using good old ™ as it’s a lot smaller and looks more stylish. So it’s now just a normal trademark not registered one. Deal with it.

*Also if J.K Rowling is reading this- we respect all you do and all but we just cba to get a giant registered trademark symbol everytime that makes the post look…well…a bit dumb. Thanks for your cooperation ?


Hey guys,
I am very sorry for being inactive over the past month which reminds me…

2 MONTHS!!!!

Yes! I should have uploaded this about a week ago (“NO, SHUT IT. DON’T EVEN GO THERE”) um… 

As I was saying, for two months now we have been uploading posts and we have had SO much support from you guys! It means so much to us and we hope you enjoy this website. We would really value your feedback so go to that comment section down below and tell us EVERYTHING ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ we love making this website awesome for you.


How well do you know your FANTASTIC BEASTS MOVIE!!

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Question #1: Who is the real Obscurial/Obscurus

Question #2: Where is the Ministry for Magic in America based?

Question #3: What is the first creature we see in Fantastic Beasts?

Question #4: What is the Ministry of Magic in NYC called?

Question #5: What is the first spell we HEAR Newt say?


Niffler VS Pigmy puff

Post by Josh

Images by Ethan

Which one is more adorable?

The Niffler was the most adorable creature in the fantastic beasts movie hands down. (Although it was a close call between the Mooncalves but it wasn’t much of a fight). Nifflers make grown men make an ‘aaaaaaaaaawwww!’ sound- if that is not adorable tell me what the heck is…! Also they are able to store treasure in their fur and when they are caught they make such an adorable, guilty face (YES, WE ARE MEN, STOP SAYING WE ARE LIKE WOMEN TO YOURSELF :)). Also, i swear that the scene in the jewellery shop made me just go beserk over the Niffler. I mean come on, when his head turned, he made that adorable face and the jewellery dropped and he chuckled and started running. THAT IS ADORABLE. Also when he flies across the street with all the jewellery coming out of his fur and we get a close up on his face- i just couldn’t help but making that ‘awww!’ sound too.

Now Pigmy Puffs are adorable, even thoough we only see them once in the entire flipping film franchise, we do get an adorable shot and Luna makes the weird statement of ‘They’ve been known to sing on boxing day you know’?????? They are tiny, but they are a immensely adorable ball off fur, i mean come on, they are just fur with adorable black eyes. We would have a pic of one but there is only like one real on the entire flipping internet although the fan art is amazing.  

  Niffler                 Pigmypuff

    1                              0


If you are one for treasure, then the Niffler is good for you. Its slippery fur stores lots of gold and diamonds etc. and it can fit through tiny gaps to get anything you need or he plain wants. and it is also good for looking at when you are sad, but other than that, the Niffler is pretty much (hurts to say it) ……………… useless..:'(.

Then the Pigmy Puff acts as an adorable pet on your shoulder and apparently they sing on Boxing Day, so that might cheer you up- i don’t know.

Niffler    |      Pigmy puff

   2                      0

Fur (Yes, That IS a category)

The fur or the niffler is not THAT adorable really. Its as black as an IPhone… a back IPhone… with no power… But its useful and we have reason to believe it is the reason that Nifflers have their skills. And its useful for camouflage because it lives underground and means that it can avoid danger a very useful trait for a wild animal. Which it is.

However the pygmy puff is the exact opposite. Its bright, Its fluffy, Its useless!!!! HOORAY!

Niffler    |      Pigmy puff                  (PLEASE… WE’RE TRYING NOT TO BE BIASED)

   2                      1

And finally… In conclusion… The winner is…. The… 

Pyg… NIFFLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harry Potter Studio Tour Review Pt1 [Spoilers]

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Going To Harry Potter World!

Guys, It finally happened. I’m going to harry potter world! I am the luckiest guy (or girl, I could be a girl) alive as I got it as a Christmas present and the time that was booked was literally THREE DAYS after this came out:

The forbidden forest! I am so excited and I will post some photos of my experience on Tuesday or later in the week so look out for that. As always remember to subscribe to theHPtheorists on youtube and have a good school holiday (unless you’re in south Britain… or America… I think? Ah well…),

Ethan (Male name… Spoiler alert)