About Us

Hey there,

We are Josh and Ethan and we have realised that nifflers are not getting the love that they deserve. We realise that nifflers are more than just gold stealing rats but glorious, fantastic creatures. It is for this reason that we have created this website: to celebrate nifflers for what they are. Here is a short introduction from Ethan:

Nifflers are glorious and very cute. Mainly very cute. No just very cute. VERY cute. They are also useful for invading Umbridge’s office to steal all the precious things and eat her finger.

…and from Josh:


I haven’t properly introduced myself yet, I’m josh and like Ethan, i think nifflers are not getting the recognition they deserve. When i went to the cinema and saw ‘Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them®’ when the niffler was first shown in an up close shot- i can swear about (at least) 70% of the cinema (including myself) made this ‘aaaaaaaaaaw’ sound. I mean- COME ON is that not enough proof that everybody loves nifflers?? I mean if not for the love of them J.K Rowling could always use a few extra £££ from merchandising haha. But anyway we have devoted this site to all things niffler and we believe that this will give them the recognition they deserve…..

But before you do anything else look at this:

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All our thanks, Josh and Ethan.