News update!!!!

Hey all, it’s been a while and we’ve got some news to share with you. So first off — MERRY NIFFMAS!!!!!!!! (And a Niffly New Year in Twenty Niffteen). We haven’t posted in more than month so we’ve got some news for you…..

So – we have a very special thing coming up that we have been hard at work engineering and producing and writing for a while that will be only available on our Instagram Story from the 25th of December (Niffmas Day) to the 5th of January and we can’t wait for you guys to see it. If you want us to and if you really like it we’ll also post it as a post. We will also be posting on our Twitter account if we can (which we will talk about next).

So about the Twitter account – you may have noticed that we haven’t been very active on Twitter recently. This is because the account was suspended/locked. This is because Twitter thought we were 2 years old when we put the birthdate as the date we posted our first ever post. Twitter is pretty stupid. I mean, do they believe a 2 year old human baby can operate a fully functioning Twitter account with videos and hashtags. I mean…. COME ON.

We’ve also got a few other special things coming up so keep an eye out for that. Thanks for sticking with us in this weird period. Merry Niffmas and a Niffly New Year.