Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – A Spoilerific review

So, last Friday, on Twitter and here on the website AND on Instagram we promised to upload three posts – A General Thoughts post, a spoiler-free review and a spoilerific review. We posted this post on Twitter two days later…

So, as we promised, here is a spoilerific review for all you crazy Nifflers out there who have watched the film already. And here we go….






Spoilers… You’ve been warned…


Jk. He doesn’t. But if you haven’t seen the film yet, seriously, leave if you don’t want it spoiled for you.

[Note: Major-ish spoilers contained in the following paragraph. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…..]

Ok, so that start, right! So, the start of the film with Grindelwald being transported is such a clever escape. THAT TWIST WITH ABERNATHY THO! We were absolutely shook by the fact that Grindelwald was acting as Abernathy and Abernathy was acting as Grindelwald. That is incredibly clever, as is the rest of the escape. The pure power of Grindelwald is so incredibly displayed in this scene, showing that this film is not going to be light hearted. He kills plenty of people, almost throws another guy into the sea, dropping his wand after him and almost drowns the same he guy he tried to throw out of the carriage. Grindelwald’s creature thing was a bit weird though. Don’t really know what that was. I thought this scene was so incredibly orchestrated, weaving the escape so perfectly using magic and natural elements with MACUSA not knowing a thing about it, only knowing about it because that one guy luckily survived. BRILLIANT! And that’s just the first scene.

This kind of storytelling works very well in this movie as the first scene always sets up the next scene which is perfect for movies like these which requires every bit of the audience’s attention.

The scene at the British Ministry of Magic seems pointless, but it is really very clever as it gives a logical reason for the events that follow throughout the rest of the film. The Pensive like thing in the middle of the table is also a nice callback to the original films. In this scene we get a good bit of context about what has happened since the last film, now that Newt has a travel ban and he can’t really get round it without agreeing to join the ministry for a cause he doesn’t support in any side. This is incredibly clever as it presents a dilemma to audience about how Newt will deal with Grindelwald in the future; if he will be defensive of offensive, if he will fight against him or stay neutral. Crazy.

Now we gotta talk about something – the most important thing in this entire film. The thing without which I don’t think anyone would watch it…. The Nifflers. But more specifically the BABY Nifflers. And Oh. My. NIFFLER THEY WERE CUTE. I. WANT. ONE. FULL. STOPS. But weren’t they so cute. Oh my goodness they were so cute! They are amazingly cute. Did I say they were cute? Cos they were! Oh my mooncalf they were cute. So cute. That one Niffler who flies across the room on the champagne bottle – his voice is SO. DAMN. CUTE. The way he said (and I quote) “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” (end quote) and the sound he makes when he hits the wall. SOOOOO CUUUUUUTTTTTEEEEEEE! Oh my goodness they were so cute. And they’re so small. Its so CUTE how small they are. That ginger one as well. So cute. In the weighing scales OH MY. SUCH CUTENESS. I swear. One I saw the Nifflers, I made a sound that came naturally to me (a very high pitched squeal and several sentences about how cute they were) and about 20 people looked at me. I don’t care. Nifflers are far more important than thejudgmement of those who don’t have the same reaction as me*. If you want more on the Nifflers in this film, we have a post coming up all about them in the film. Its just Nifflers. Like all things should be (Avengers reference not intended).

[Note:There are HUGE spoilers in the next paragraphs. You’ve been warned…]

So, Queenie. Let’s talk about Queenie. Queenie, Queenie, Queenie. She made. Me. CRY. I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE TURNED TO GRINDELWALD. Heartbreaking. I did not at all see that coming. It made me so sad. She seemed so sweet before, even earlier in the film. I even felt sorry for her when she had to leave the UK and go to France because of Jacob being removed from Queenie’s trance by Newt and him realising what had happened. She seems so innocent and sweet throughout the movie. And then she joins Grindelwald. ?. I have nothing more to say about Queenie. I can’t handle it.

Dumbledore in the movie is very mysterious (until we find out about his pact with Grindelwald) and he seems to have little point to what he does until we actually realise why. The one question a few of us at the Niffler Fan Club have is – why did he never mention Credence/ Orellious Dumbledore as his brother? Like EVER? Is Grindelwald lying to him? Does Dumbledore kill him? Does Dumbledore just not want to talk about him because he turned to Grindelwald? So many questions!

Speaking of Credence, he was very interesting in this film. He managed to maintain the mysteriousness he had int he last film and bring it across to this film and I love that. I love the fact also that he is very magically powerful. I mean come on, he destroyed a FLIPPING CLIFF WITH A WAND HE HAD NEVER USED BEFORE. DAMN. DAAAAMN. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! He obviously has the Dumbledore power in him. And even if he isn’t related to Dumbledore – how does he have so much power??!?!?

The fights in this film are amazing. Lets start with the French Ministry of Magic (Totally original name ? I mean they could have even called it Le ministère de la magie Français. Or in English – The French Ministry of Magic. The French wording would have been fine. But no. It was in English and it sounded unoriginal. Yeesh.) That beast though. When it did that Kablamo thing and they were all riding on it and it looked insanely cool as that huge blue circle appeared around them as it screamed. Just wow. CGI: ?. And then the final fight with Grindelwald. FLIPPING HECK. I MEAN WOW. LIKE WOW. LIKE WOWY WOW. WOWOOWOWOWOWOWWOOWOW. WOW. The flames were just crazy and the way Grindelwald just acted like a calm conductor over the magic as he majestically attacked all of our heroes. I was very surprised by Newt’s power in this scene. He and his brother know their magic. Don’t mess with the Scamanders. Dang. That Firenze fire thing they all did together was crazy. And also – Nicholas Flamel. You’re a BADASS.

To round this all off – the Niffler is the reason the rest of Fantastic Beasts happens is because of the Niffler. If the Niffler didn’t take the pendant/vile thing. Dumbledore and Grindelwald would never be able to fight. Therefore the big fight would never happen and as Dumbledore is the only one that can defeat Grindelwald – he would never be defeated and thrown in Azkaban and the world would be under Grindelwald’s rule and Dumbledore wouldn’t be able to do anything ever about it. So to the true hero of the movie (who was also injured in action and bravely recovered – Nifflers are the best) nameless Niffler, we love you.

That’s the end of this spoilerific review. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed. Drop us a comment is we missed anything and we’ll try and put in. See you next week for a post about everything the Nifflers did in FB2. Until then… Stay Nifflery. Have a good one…

*Disclaimer: This statement does not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else in the Niffler Fan Club. People can think about the Nifflers however they want. But if they don’t like them that’s just a bit weird. Jk. But seriously tho — who DOESN’T like Nifflers? Anyways we respect other peoples views and/or judgements…… Unless its about Nifflers. There is only one answer to that question…..

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