FB:TCoG – Spoiler Free Review

So the movie starts off great, with a very fast moving and quick paced opening scene. Within about 1 minute of the start of the film you are presented with the first fantastic twist of the film. This fast-paced-ness is present all throughout the film from the first minute to the last. In the first few scenes, the acting is fantastic and so are the special effects, as it is throughout the entire film. It is a rather dark opening to a Wizarding World film to be perfectly honest and through this we are a shown what kind of film it is going to be – it is not going to hold back. By no means it it a slow start. One of the best parts about the start of the film is the introduction of a few little VERY ADORABLE furry friends that might be familiar to us here at the Niffler Fan Club….

The movie does not drop in quality at all in the middle. It keeps the fast pace and presents the audience with many great scenes. My one nit-pick with this part of the film is that there is one scene with a bit of weird CGI but this is the only point of the film where I thought this. Again, this part of the film has enough twists to strangle a snake and the cinematography is almost perfect.

The last part of the film is amazing, crazy, heartbreaking, cute, fun and surprising. This is a fantastic last act to this already fantastic film and it cannot be described in words.

All in all, a great film with a great soundtrack, great writing, great cinematography and fantastic story telling to really immerse you in this new world J.K Rowling has brought to us. But do not be surprised with the darkness that this film brings to the franchise. This film does not hold back from that and to be honest, it actually makes it better to watch as it sets up Grindelwald as a true villain who is not to be messed with.

Every actor portrays their role perfectly within this and I am excited to see where this movie goes next. I am also happy to see that they are not milking the Niffler in anyway and its presence in the film is always necessary and fun and at no point did I think that the Niffler was ill-placed or being overused. So, all-in-all a great film that I would say you should go see, if not for the movie, for the Nifflers.

We had the pleasure of watching the film in 3D IMAX and we would say you do the same for the BEST experience. We’re not saying you have to watch in 3D IMAX, it’s crazy expensive, we basically put ourselves in debt going to see it, but ya know. It was a great movie anyways and because of this, we give the movie a noble score of……………

Stay Nifflery