Niffler Face-Off

So recently we have had lots of mini trailers drop from the official Warner Bros. YouTube channel from the lovely little land of TV Spots. One of the new thing see have seen from these trailers is a scene in the movie where Newt will have another face off with the Niffler like last film.

The shot we see is the Niffler on the street in a pouncing position and Newt mimicking the position. (He’s also doing something a bit odd with his mouth but we won’t go into that….)

Could this mean another Niffler chase?!?!? Another scene devoted ENTIRELY to the Niffler. Me WANT. I’ll show you something. It’s a little equation which I think Warner Bros. And J.K Rowling should take into account….

Niffler Maths

Nifflers + Screentime = Yes

And there you have it. A Niffler face-off in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Enjoy your week and see you soon…..

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