About the Ads….

Hey all, Josh here,
You may notice in the next few days/weeks the addition of ads to our beniffled website. Being us, we pride ourselves on responding to what you people want in the way you want it to make the Niffler Fan Club the best place it can possibly be.

Getting revenue from ads helps us to keep the website going and funded and helps us to keep the website what it is. We are doing it like this as it is the easiest way to make some money from this site without sponsorship or whatever and we don’t want to do ‘exclusive’ stuff for people who give us money. We just want you guys to enjoy the site. We won’t ask for your money. Ever. Ever. Ever ever ever. Ever.


But actually it would be reaaaaaalllllyyyy helpful if you could lend us a fiver every month or so…….. JK. We don’t do that.

If you guys don’t like the ads, just tell us– please tell us and we will take them down like *that* (imagine a clicking or a snapping sound or whatever you call it where you are) but in all seriousness – we care about you our Niffler loving followers. Hopefully this is not too much of an inconvenience to you and you can go on enjoying the website.

Josh, Out.

Stay Nifflery.

Oh and,


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