Breakdown of Fantastic Beasts 2 Comic-Con Trailer

So, we did a breakdown of the last FB2 trailer, and now that there is a new one with a niffler load of new content, so without further a do………………………………………….. LET’S GET TO IT.

So, the trailer starts off with the shot of Dumbledore (Jude Law) that we saw from previous trailers that slowly transitions into the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom where the students are attending a boggart lesson. In the front we can see a young Newt, brilliantly played by Joshua Shea facing the boggart of his fear of working in an office.

So, nothing really exciting here. But, there is something interesting here. When everyone is laughing at Newt for his fear of working in an office, there is one person who is not laughing, someone who I think may be Leta Lestrange. They do look very similar after all. Also, a casting call for somebody to play young Leta was made way back in Jan 2017, but nobody has been announced for the role. Still just a theory though.

Newt then says RIDCULOUS! and we cut to the opening logos.

We next get a shot we’ve seen before of Tina Goldsteen in front of the French Ministry of Magic (We think).

We next see the woman who we know has a very strong relationship with Credence walking to the Circus we saw in the previous trailer accompanied with a voice over of 

talking about magic and how witches and wizards are forced to hide in the shadows, showing the same circus we have seen before and also a more interesting shot of Credence.

Credence appears as he says ‘but still we must skulk in the shadows’ Which is an obvious nod to Credence hiding the fact that he is truly a wizard, this line also ties nicely into the fact that Credence is wearing clothes that make him seem slightly incognito and hidden, and he wants to stay that way.

We then see two men get off of a parked London routemaster bus, one of them apparating away. Nothing really interesting here.

Next, we see a street being darkened by the deluminator taking away the lights from the lamp posts, which I think ties in to when Dumbledore meets Newt on the bridge later in the trailer.

And then we cut to a more interesting shot of Grindelwald being taken into a secure prison somewhere in MACUSA in a restraint pose caused by probably Petrificus Totalus.

We next get the same two shots od the Paris postcard and Grindelwald standing in the middle of a room.

We then cut to the next shot which confirms our theory. This is NOT Grindelwalds’ trial. He is in fact talking to a group of his followers in a huge circular hall, finishing the sentence from the voice over about having to hide in the shadows saying ‘let the old ways serve us no longer’. Inspiring his followers.

Also notice how some of these people are in suits/ well dressed, possibly indicating that he has followers inside of MACUSA/MACF (Magical Congress of France – I dunno).

Next we see Credences’ significant other looking out at the Eiffel Tower from the roof we have seen before where Credence expels his Obscurous from him.

We then see Queenie Goldsteen (Played by Alison Sudol who is reprising her roll as Queenie) on a street corner, looking quite worried. This is maybe because of the giant black cloak that is not a Dementor making it’s way down the street, covering everything in black.

Tina and Newt are also on the same street looking up in bewilderment as the black cloaked thing swoops over them while Newt tries to protect himself by putting his hand over his face as Tina just looks up at it.

Next we see Grindelwald looking at a projection of a face that looks a bit like Credence whilst Dumbledore’s voice-over mentions mentions a rumour that has had a vision. We also then see him putting his hand out, possibly summoning something. We have seen this kind of magic before with Voldermort where no wand is required for summoning or other things.As Grindelwald is known as Voldermort’s predecessor as it were it would not be unusual for him to have these powers. In the voice-over, Dumbledore goes onto say that the rumour was of Grindelwalds rise to fame.

The rest is old footage so we’re at the end. Enjoy your week. Sorry for the late upload. New one coming in roughly 20 minutes or so. See you then….