The Crimes Of Grindelwald : Characters

Its that time again where we upload a new post, and boy have I got big news today!

I was trawling through the interwebs to try and find information on the latest installment of the fantastic beasts series and, while we do have a year to wait for the movie to be released, IMDb has not let us down, yet again.

With that, I present: 



It probably comes as no big surprise that Eddie Redmayne is playing Newt Scamander, as he has done and will be doing for the entire series… Hopefully. He is a really good choice of character for Newt and I’m sure he will go down in Harry Potter fandom for his role in this movie. But reader… remember his success is solely due to his reaction to the Niffler.


In this movie, its little surprise that we see the return of the infamous sisters, Tina and Queenie Goldstein played by Katherine Waterston and Alison Sudol respectively, the same as last time. I’m sure we will all find it interesting to see how their role changes in this new installment.


It seems like decades ago when we first heard those words “Theseus Scamander, The war hero?” being uttered and I’m sure that you, like me, have been waiting for the grand reveal of this character and a spin off (SAVING PRIVATE NEWT)… Yep. Well. Here he is, Callum Turner in all of his glory



Very interestingly, Credence, the flash or Ezra Miller (The Obscurial) returns in this movie. Although his role is largely unknown, I’m sure that you’re as interested as me in his role in this movie. Is he simply there for a flashback or could we see a dramatic return? All will be answered on the 18/11/17. I can’t wait that long!



And what would the “The crimes of grindelwald” be without grindelwald, portrayed by the man the myth the legend… Johnny Depp (He’s just a man… not a myth or legend… sorry for confusion). Yeah well he’s back and I can’t wait to see how he shows his character, I mean he had less than 1 minute screen time and, I think I speak for all NifflerNerds when I say… WOW. I HATE HIM SO MUCH… Good performance , seriously though.


Honorable mentions

Well I don’t have the time or effort or server storage… (Donate somehow plz <- jokes) … As I was saying, I’m gonna show a few more characters and make a brief prediction of the plot. Oh and sorry for the lack of Nifflers in this post so:

There you go. Now…

FRENCH MINISTER OF MAGIC – Sean White (I don’t know him either… Can’t wait to see his performance)

Nicolas Flamel – Brontis Jodorowsky (OH BOI – THINGS ARE HEATING UP HERE…)

Abernathy – Yep. That guy that was only used once to show Queenies “innocence”

Madame Picquery – Her royal magicness, ruler of straight lines (Carmen Ejogo)

Jacob Kowalski – No surprises here (#anamericaninparis?) Dan Fogler

Chef – Jason Redshaw

Sailor- Ryan Hannaford


Muggle – Bernardo Santos



Whats going to happen? Nobody knows but i reckon i have a pretty good guess. My concept is that, as I write, we are only one year into production. Therefore, the lists only represent the cast from the early movie. The reason I mentioned the Chef and Sailor is because in the first movie, little to no attention was placed on the boat, mainly at passport control. I believe that this will change as, after all, what could possibly be a better place to ambush Newt than in the middle of the Atlantic ocean? Why else would there be a sailor in the credits. Why else would be see Tina again than if she were to save Newt on the ship as an aurora. Well. It’s just a guess. Obviously as more material is released there will be updates to the PREDICTION.

But that’s all from me. 

All the best.




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