We’re modern now!!

Hey guys it’s now the truth that we have Social Media!!!!! So follow our Twitter account. Also, is ya feel like it follow our Facebook page have fun!!!! This also means that you 21st Century people have an excuse to go on Social media while looking at our website so you don’t have to speed read our pages anymore because you desperately want to check your Twitter/Facebook and yes all you fancy people with your Android 7.0 and iPhone 6+ and up split screens (as long as the iPhone is iPhone{x}+) must be rolling your eyes right now saying to yourselves “but I can already do that anyways! Why is he bothering with this post?” Well mister whoever you are i’ll tell you exactly why I am bothering with this post. It’s because not all of us have fancy-shmansey split-screen enabled phones! Sorry for ranting but I just knew a few people would be saying that. Ooh, by the way a little note- All links will open in a new tab.

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