The Niffler plush……

Ok, so the Niffler plush toy has finally been released and it’s so amazing and fantastic how AWFUL, TERRIBLE, ATROCIOUS WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT EXCUSE FOR A STUFFED NIFFLER IT IS. IT IS AS UGLY AS A MERTLAP WHEN SHE HAS MEASLES. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Atrocious Niffler Plush

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? How could they? We have been waiting for this ever since the movie came out and they give us this. If you want me to attach a link to this article to buy it later on but I won’t right now. 

So just to go off topic quickly; sorry for not posting pretty much this entire month. We have been extremely busy and we have not been able to post much. Thanks for staying with us and not going anywhere else. We will post much more in June, July and August because we will have a Niffler load of free time 😉 😉 🙂 . 

Back on topic-we are not at all happy with the outcome of this plush. If I got this I would plush it down the toilet. See what I did there? Eh? Eh? Eh? XD. Ok, so like I said, we will put it on if you want to buy it but you know, not right now. For obvious reasons.

It looks like it was made by a 4 year old who has seen the Niffler once for about 5 seconds. We saw it and thought ‘we have to rant about this’ and we think that it deserves a rant. The Niffler has a certain glory to it. This glory has been abolished, destroyed, incinerated what ever you may call it. But we don’t like it. 

In the mean time-here is a picture of a proper Niffler in all of his glory.

Actual Niffler in all glory

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw! I just noticed how compressed that picture looks/becomes on some platforms. But I think you can guess what the picture is. It is adorable.

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