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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2

Ok, so as you most likely already know, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2 HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! (So, obviously JK Rowling definitely wants loads more money *cough* expected *cough*) Also, they’ve actually given it an original name (which was totally unexpected) which you can see in the info section and obviously in the pic above. This also means it’s definitely going to happen which we of course, are happy about. We also this week got a cast photo from the new movie which is cool.

But there is one little thing we think about the upcoming film……- If the Niffler isn’t in it -WE ARE NOT WATCHING THAT THING-FULL-STOP.* But here is everything we already know about the movie.

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How well do you know your FANTASTIC BEASTS MOVIE!!

How well do you know you’re Fantastic Beasts® Movie? Click here to find out………

Question #1: What is the first spell we HEAR Newt say?

Question #2: Where is the Ministry for Magic in America based?

Question #3: What is the Ministry of Magic in NYC called?

Question #4: What does the case say when he flicks the switch?

Question #5: Who is the real Obscurial/Obscurus


Niffler VS Pigmy puff

Post by Josh

Images by Ethan

Which one is more adorable?

The Niffler was the most adorable creature in the fantastic beasts movie hands down. (Although it was a close call between the Mooncalves but it wasn’t much of a fight). Nifflers make grown men make an ‘aaaaaaaaaawwww!’ sound- if that is not adorable tell me what the heck is…! Also they are able to store treasure in their fur and when they are caught they make such an adorable, guilty face (YES, WE ARE MEN, STOP SAYING WE ARE LIKE WOMEN TO YOURSELF :)). Also, i swear that the scene in the jewellery shop made me just go beserk over the Niffler. I mean come on, when his head turned, he made that adorable face and the jewellery dropped and he chuckled and started running. THAT IS ADORABLE. Also when he flies across the street with all the jewellery coming out of his fur and we get a close up on his face- i just couldn’t help but making that ‘awww!’ sound too.

Now Pigmy Puffs are adorable, even thoough we only see them once in the entire flipping film franchise, we do get an adorable shot and Luna makes the weird statement of ‘They’ve been known to sing on boxing day you know’?????? They are tiny, but they are a immensely adorable ball off fur, i mean come on, they are just fur with adorable black eyes. We would have a pic of one but there is only like one real on the entire flipping internet although the fan art is amazing.  

  Niffler                 Pigmypuff

    1                              0


If you are one for treasure, then the Niffler is good for you. Its slippery fur stores lots of gold and diamonds etc. and it can fit through tiny gaps to get anything you need or he plain wants. and it is also good for looking at when you are sad, but other than that, the Niffler is pretty much (hurts to say it) ……………… useless..:'(.

Then the Pigmy Puff acts as an adorable pet on your shoulder and apparently they sing on Boxing Day, so that might cheer you up- i don’t know.

Niffler    |      Pigmy puff

   2                      0

Fur (Yes, That IS a category)

The fur or the niffler is not THAT adorable really. Its as black as an IPhone… a back IPhone… with no power… But its useful and we have reason to believe it is the reason that Nifflers have their skills. And its useful for camouflage because it lives underground and means that it can avoid danger a very useful trait for a wild animal. Which it is.

However the pygmy puff is the exact opposite. Its bright, Its fluffy, Its useless!!!! HOORAY!

Niffler    |      Pigmy puff                  (PLEASE… WE’RE TRYING NOT TO BE BIASED)

   2                      1

And finally… In conclusion… The winner is…. The… 

Pyg… NIFFLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harry Potter Studio Tour Review Pt1 [Spoilers]

That… Was… Awesome! On Monday I went to Harry Potter studio tours and I must admit: It was epic. This is a quick review of my journey and I will make sure to include some pictures and advice to make sure that your time is as good as possible.


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Going To Harry Potter World!

Guys, It finally happened. I’m going to harry potter world! I am the luckiest guy (or girl, I could be a girl) alive as I got it as a Christmas present and the time that was booked was literally THREE DAYS after this came out:

The forbidden forest! I am so excited and I will post some photos of my experience on Tuesday or later in the week so look out for that. As always remember to subscribe to theHPtheorists on youtube and have a good school holiday (unless you’re in south Britain… or America… I think? Ah well…),

Ethan (Male name… Spoiler alert)