Fantastic DVDs and Where To Find Them

The day has finally come, the hour is finally here, the moment you have all been waiting for——- ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them®’is now on DVD and Blu-Ray®!!!! The movie came out last night at 00:00 GMT and it was sure to be a big role out. But more importantly… You get to see the niffler as many times as you please!!! The little gold stealing thief who you can’t get enough of is now on your TV at home! The niffler will be waiting for you……….

The ‘Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them®’ DVD has 12 deleted scenes and video ‘bios’ of each main character and creature. You can buy the movie at your local Sainsubury’s, ASDA or Morrisons and you can also buy one right here.

I’ll see you all when I’ve finished playing all the niffler scenes 500 times—Bye……..

Niffler Quiz!

The Niffler Knowledge Quiz

Hey guys, Josh and Ethan here again and this time we have some awesome new content… THE QUIZ. As you may have guessed by the title, this quiz will test how much you know about nifflers. There is a 1 in 12 chance of getting every question to provide some variety. Hope you enjoy and remember to comment your score down below!



Question #1: In the lesson that nifflers are seen in Harry Potter, what type of treasure does Hagrid hide?

Question #2: What is the first thing we see a niffler chase in the film?

Question #3: Where do Nifflers come from?

Question #4: What is their fur primarily useful for?

Question #5: What type of egg is Jacob holding during the first niffler chase?

Question #6: What creature DOES NOT have the same classification as the niffler?

Question #7: Who puts two nifflers in Umbridges office?

? The movie is fantastic beasts and where to find themQuestion #8: When does the niffler first appear in the movie?

Question #9: Whos niffler finds the most gold in Harry Potter?

Maybe......Maybe not hmmmmmmmm

Question #10: Where would a niffler typically live?



The plan……

We are going to try and upload something as often as possible to the website to satisfy your niffler cravings. We may be able to write something each day but I wouldn’t count on it (I mean we’ve got to have something new and original each day- that would take forever!). But anyway, thanks for coming over here for your niffler needs, we will try and post again soon. But until that time- Bye!

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