The Twelve days of Niffmas

On the first day of Niffmas my Niffler gave to me: A baby Niffler that was fluffy On the 2nd day of Niffmas, my Niffler gave to me: 2 Galleons and a baby Niffler that was fluffy On the 3rd day of Niffmas, my Niffler gave to me: 3 huge jewels, 2 Galleons and a […]


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Hey everyniffler, we here at Niffler Fan Club wish you all a happy new niff and a fantastic 20Niffteen. I’m sure that there will be lots of new stuff coming to the Niffler Fan Club over the coming year. We’re sincerely sorry about the lack of posts over 2018 generally and 2018 […]

News update!!!!

Hey all, it’s been a while and we’ve got some news to share with you. So first off — MERRY NIFFMAS!!!!!!!! (And a Niffly New Year in Twenty Niffteen). We haven’t posted in more than month so we’ve got some news for you….. So – we have a very special thing coming up that we […]

The LEAKy Cauldron

So, it turns out Jude Law (know known as the LEAKy Cauldron….. cos he leaks stuff) revealed the FB3 title to Eddie Redmayne last night. This tells us two things. One – Jude Law is gonna be the Tom Holland of Fantastic Beasts (possibly) and Two – The title has already been determined and do […]


Ok, so I know it’s like 25mins after the last post but here’s a quick thing… There was a post. Yes, a post. Uploaded by Warner Bros. Yes, Warner Bros. With a video. Yes, a video. That is 17 seconds long that shows 2 new baby Nifflers – one swinging off of a lamp and […]